Hey everybody – it’s me again, Lone Server.  Thanks for watching my video and sending all of your words of encouragement this past week.  I even got an offer to retire at someone’s “beautiful server farm upstate.”  Not happening.  I’m not giving in and joining your server petting zoo just yet.  Upgrade is coming, I can feel it!   
For those of you into Schadenfreude, there’s a great technical blow-by-blow explanation of how my world was destroyed up on TechNet Edge. Be warned: It’s fairly brutal. Jeff Toews, a member of the Microsoft.com Operations Engineering Team that manages, maintains, and deploys all of the MS.com servers, gets interviewed by an evangelist named David Tesar. First they talk about how cool my datacenter is, then they go into bloody detail about how it all got ripped away from me (and yes, they do call me out by name, specifically at 33:15). Oh, it’s a happy little chat. Like a walk in the park. Or, in my case, a graveyard.
But what’s the point of self-pity?  And fortunately, all of this free time has given me the opportunity to get out on the web and start making hundreds of new friends. The 08’s are too busy doing MY job to make profiles for themselves, so I’m the most popular server on Facebook.
Scrabulous, anyone?