Just a few hours ago, we officially RTM’ed Windows Server 2008 and – as usual – the team is now having a celebration with balloons, hot wings, drinks and speeches. As team members sign their names on a giant copy of the Windows Server 2008 DVD, I look around proudly and see more faces than I can name, shoulder to shoulder smiling with all my colleagues who have helped us get here today.

And while the laughs and smiles fill the room with the excitement that this release brings to the team, our partners, and our customers, I can’t help but have a complete mix of emotions flooding over me.
I’m excited to be part of the best Windows Server release that we have ever released. I’m honored by the continual stream of messages in IM and email that I have been getting all day saying “congratulations.”  I’m filled with joy like a new father as we bring a new member into the family of Server products, and at the same time I am saddened. I am saddened by the feeling of loss, as people start moving on to new projects.
It is now time to get the product into all of our customers’ and partners’ hands. I’m looking forward to our launch event on Feb. 27 in Los Angeles and I know that it will be great.  Today, I raise my glass to everyone in the room with a smiling tear to my eye and say I could not be more proud to work with a group of seasoned professionals like everyone here today and in few years everyone here can look back with pride and say “I was part of Windows Server 2008.”
-Tom Hazel