This week kicked off the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. While thousands of fans cheer for their favorite player, each professional golfer will pick up a club, swing, and hope for the best.  What’s often overlooked in this story is the scientific precision that goes into making the clubs that golfers depends on to execute the game with. 
Callaway Golf, a leader in golf equipment, established its reputation on scientifically designed clubs that help golfers make personal breakthroughs on the course, whether it’s stopping the ball on the green or simply hitting it farther.  To sustain this superior level of quality, Callaway recently switched from a Linux-based high performance computing cluster to Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003
With Windows CCS 2003, Callaway is seeing an eightfold increase in performance, helping make engineers far more productive and enhancing their ability to deliver innovative, high-quality products. Also,  by choosing Windows CCS 2003 over Linux, Callaway Golf is benefiting from a solution that is easier to use, simpler to support and will save the company tens of thousands of dollars in software and maintenance costs.
Just a little science to keep in mind when you’re watching this weekend and hoping Tiger makes his birdie on the 18th hole.