Since the launch of Windows Server 2008 on February 27th, I have had a phenomenal opportunity to hear a lot of positive feedback from IT Pros, developers and our partners.  I truly have enjoyed talking with customers from around the globe to hear their experiences and implementations. 

Since I am back in the office for the foreseeable future I thought I would take some time over the next couple of weeks to showcase some of the implementations of Windows Server 2008 that I have come across that have caught my attention.

One customer who has seen great results in the Web hosting area with WS08 is If you are not familiar with this company – they are a Web hosting company that owns and operates its own datacenters and networks and provides support for dedicated server environments.  HostyMySite hosts more than 85,000 web sites on 3,100 Servers (and growing).

One of the initial goals of their WS08 deployment was to offer the highest levels of application stability to their customers.  In addition HostMySite wanted to increase the site capacity on their web servers and minimize the amount of time spent troubleshooting.

Prior to Windows Server 2008 HostMySite was getting roughly 500 application pools on each of their servers. IIS 7.0 new application pool management features has allowed HMS to scale up to 3000 application pools per server.  In addition to increased application pool capacity, HMS was also able to reduce the numbers of servers…..what normally took 10 servers now takes 4.  (Although I wish WS08 was solely responsible for that metric – they moved to Dual Core Dell PowerEdge Servers)  Both of these are very impressive to step back and take a look at: 6x the application capacity on 60% less servers.

HostMySite is just one of the many customers seeing strong results with Windows Server 2008 and you can read more about their deployment story here… is actually a good read and you will see they are doing a lot more with the remote management capabilities of IIS 7.0

If you want more info on IIS, be sure to visit There is also a great blog post here that talks more about the hosting features in IIS 7.0.

Stay tuned for more…..
-Ward Ralston