We’ve blogged about the use of Windows Server within branch offices several times here and here. Many of them kicked off with the introduction of Windows Server 2003 R2.

Today Citrix announced Branch Repeater, which they say is a new line of branch office appliances. Here’s a description I received from Citrix:

Citrix Branch Repeater debuts with the ability to stage, cache, or pre-position content at the branch using technologies such as Microsoft Windows file services and Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS).  These technologies allow Citrix Branch Repeater to pre-position XenApp “Portable Application” installation files for rapid update and delivery to branch employees. The Citrix Branch Repeateralso uses Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Web caching to accelerate delivery of web content to the branch.  But the repeater goes much further.  It can accelerate all TCP-based network traffic to and from the branch using Citrix WANScaler technology. And through integration with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, local branch services are consolidated and delivered locally for optimal performance and availability.

In essence, Citrix Branch Repeater does three things that can help you provide better services to your remote or branch offices: (1) it stages streamed apps closer to the branch-based employees by using Citrix XenApp; it consolidates Windows-based branch services; and accelerates WAN app delivery.

There are three models to choose from:

  • Citrix Branch Repeater 100 – 1 Mbit appliance, $5,500 list
  • Citrix Branch Repeater 200 – 2 Mbit, $7,500 list
  • Citrix Branch Repeater 300 – 10 Mbit, $11,500 list