With summer in Redmond just around the corner, I know a number of teachers  that like to take trips or do odd jobs  around the house while school is out.  However the teachers in California’s Manteca Unified School District still have access to classroom applications at home (or anywhere they have internet access) because of Windows Server 2008. 
The school district is a prime example of success that can be had with the Terminal Services RemoteApp feature of WS08.
One of the initial goals of their WS08 deployment was to move away from establishing a dedicated virtual private network (VPN) for their 30 schools and 4,000 staff members to access information.  With Terminal Services, teachers are now able to securely access the same information available in their classrooms, using their home PC. Due to its success, the district also plans to install Terminal Services on nine more servers before the 2008-2009 school year begins.
We continue to hear great feedback on the actual deployment time of WS08 as well.  Manteca’s deployment of WS08 was pretty quick—IT staff was able to deploy all applications to one server, rather than 5,500 times to individual desktop computers.
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