I am pleased to introduce a new set of interactive web tools designed specifically for our infrastructure partners. The Partner Website Widgets help improve online customer experience on our partner websites. They communicate a core set of business value related to services that our partners deliver with Microsoft technologies.
How do they work? These tools are hosted Microsoft Silverlight-based controls ready to be displayed on a Microsoft partner website. They require no code to be managed and installation is as simple as copy/paste the Microsoft Silverlight object tag for the tool on the partner site. Btw, no personally identifiable information is collected by Microsoft as part of the process.
We are initially introducing 3 of these tools: (1) Consolidation Savings with Virtualization, (2) Power Savings with Virtualization, and (3) Infrastructure Savings. Expect 3 more to follow within the next 30 days: (4) High Availability, (5) Secure Exchange and (6) Windows Server remote data access solution.
Check it out here: http://www.infrastructurepracticebuilder.com/widgets/  
Is it already running your site? To share your feedback please e-mail me at vdaycomm@microsoft.com
Thank you
Adam Bogobowicz
Sr. Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Windows Server Group