Making business decisions regarding IT investment is tougher than ever. To help, Microsoft is hosting a special VIP Business Leadership Roundtable event on September 29, 2009 at 9-10.30am PDT.  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and moderator Robert Youngjohns, President of the Microsoft US Subsidiary, will discuss major trends in the new role of technology in the workplace, and we’ll be streaming it live via the Web.  Ballmer and Youngjohns will be joined by a panel of early adopter customers representing key industries like automotive, hospitality, transportation and IT.  Attendees will get a close look at how real companies are making IT investments across the desktop, server, network and beyond.  Those viewing the event via the Web will also have the chance to submit questions to Steve Ballmer and the rest of the panel.

For more information and to add the event to your calendar visit:

Ballmer and company will talk in-depth on how companies across the globe are reacting to new economic and technology trends, including:

  • How IT needs to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated users
  • The ever more mobile and distributed workforce, and
  • The impact of greater industry regulations and ongoing threats to data.

Windows Server 20008 R2 contains exciting new features that directly address all of these trends. IT professionals will quickly see the benefits of Windows Server 2008 R2’s new capabilities, but mapping these new capabilities to tangible business goals will be at the heart of next week’s business value discussion. Don’t miss it.

Oliver Rist

Product Manager

Windows Server Marketing