New Blog published on how to resolve an issue with Remote Desktop Services, “Remote Desktop Disconnected” or “Unable to Connect to Remote Desktop (Terminal Server)”.

In an effort to keep our Windows Server community informed and up to speed on any new technical content on some of our top support issues, we published the above blog post. It contains links to new Support Knowledge Base Articles (KB’s) with detailed instructions on causes of the above error messages and steps to resolve the issue. We hope that these blog articles help communicate and spread the word on the top issues and solutions so that many of our customers can find quicker solutions to issues that can pop up and hopefully prevent the issues from ever occuring in the first place.

In this article about Remote Desktop Services, one of the recurring issues seen in product support is why a client cannot connect. Specifically, errors such as “Unable to RDP,”  “Remote Desktop Disconnected,” or “Unable to Connect to Remote Desktop (Terminal server)”  are common problems that we have seen come up in product support.

This article summarizes the various causes for Terminal Server Client (Remote Desktop Client) connection failures and how to fix them.

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Kevin Beares
Senior Community Lead – Server and Cloud Division