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Kevin Beares here… I definitely think you should go check out this latest installment from Brad Anderson. You’ve heard us talk about the Cloud OS before, and, in a new post from the In the Cloud blog, Brad Anderson (Corporate Vice President, Windows Server & System Center), examines how this operating system works, what it looks like, and where to get it.  “To really grasp what a major leap forward this is,” he explains, “it helps to stop thinking about IT deployments in terms of the individual servers, and instead think about an OS that runs a datacenter.”  Brad sees tools like Windows Server, System Center, and Windows Azure as leading the way to “a new cloud operating system for a new cloud-based era of business.” 

So, please check out Brad’s post, A Real Cloud OS for the Enterprise Cloud Era and be sure to follow Brad on Twitter @InTheClouddMSFT.

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Kevin Beares
Senior Community Lead, Windows Server and System Center