Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on things since we have been a little quiet on the Windows Server Blog over the last couple of months. Clearly, we are in the down section of the blog cycle. Once the BIG Stories about Windows Server 2012 have been told, the technology teams pick up the slack and start getting into the nitty gritty of designing, building, deploying and supporting the Modern Data Center.

Speaking of a technology team picking up the slack…. Almost 3 years ago we launched the Private Cloud Architecture Blog. At the time it was pretty heavy on theory and pretty light on details. Over the last year the blog really picked up momentum and started getting much more detailed into what we mean by building a private cloud. Now, that Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 Sp1 are generally available, the balance seriously has shifted to a pretty heavy load of detailed content on building a Modern Data Center.

Earlier this month, we merged the Private Cloud Blog with a newly launched blog called Building Clouds. So, now we have two blogging teams extending our charter from talking just about Private Clouds to talking about Building Clouds whether that involves an all on-premise deployment, Hybrid IT deployment or an all Hosted or Cloud Deployment.  We’ve brought together some of the brightest people across engineering and the field to bring you the latest and up to date thinking on how you can best leverage the Cloud OS and System Center to continue to move your Data Center towards a more robust Cloud Architecture.

I encourage you to put the Building Clouds: Cloud & Datacenter Solutions on your short list of blogs to read. This team has been on fire since the merger and the amount of valuable content has been quite amazing to take in.

Kevin Beares
Senior Community Lead – Windows Server and System Center