We wanted to make sure and remind the Microsoft Partner community that the Hyper-V Surge! program is happening right now.  This incentive program is for a limited time so don’t be late.  If you are wondering what the “Hyper-V Surge!” promotion is, here’s a great description:

“Partners who submit eligible claims will receive $500 cash back for every Windows Server Datacenter Edition license that is activated with Hyper-V and $150 cash back for every Windows Server Standard Edition license that is activated with Hyper-V.”

As a Microsoft partner, you have a huge opportunity today to grow revenue by helping SMB customers virtualize their infrastructures. With the Hyper-V Surge Offer, you can boost your margins above those of competitive solutions. And even more important, with that money your customers are not spending on other costly virtualization products, you can open new opportunities to sell your services.

Next Steps

  1. Register on the online portal and review the Terms & Conditions of the offer.
  2. Use the materials provided to communicate the benefits of virtualization to your customers and the cost savings they could realize by virtualizing on Microsoft Hyper-V.
  3. Register your qualified deals and submit required documentation.
  4. Email Hyper-VSurge@microsoft.com or call (800) 735-5232, for any question on the offer.