This blog post was authored by Vinicius Apolinario, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Server.

If you’ve been to Ignite before, you know it’s a busy week for the attendees. This year Ignite will have over 700 deep-dive sessions and over 100 expert-led and self-paced workshops – aside from all the network-building activities. Building an agenda and focusing on the content and products that are valuable to you is extremely important, so you can make the most out of 5 these days.

With that said, I wanted to provide an overview of the Windows Server presence at Ignite 2018!

Breakout sessions by product team

There are hundred of sessions around Windows Server, but some of these will be delivered by the engineers who built the product. Trust me, you don’t want to miss those:

Session Code Title Location Time
BRK2035 Windows Server 2019: What’s new and what’s next OCCC W414 Sep-24 4:00 PM
BRK2241 Windows Server 2019 deep dive OCCC W320 Sep-25 10:45 AM
BRK2234 Getting started with Windows Server containers in Windows Server 2019 OCCC W414 Sep-25 02:00 PM
BRK2232 Jumpstart your hyper-converged infrastructure deployment with Windows Server OCCC W315 Sep-25 03:15 PM
BRK2033 What’s new in System Center 2019 OCCC W415 CD Sep-25 04:00 PM
BRK2036 From Hyper-V to hyper-converged infrastructure with Windows Admin Center OCCC W311 A-D Sep-26 09:00 AM
BRK2233 Get ready for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 end of support OCCC W414 Sep-26 10:15 AM
BRK2237 From Ops to DevOps with Windows Server containers and Windows Server 2019 OCCC W320 Sep-26 10:45 AM
BRK3365 OS internals: Technical deep-dive into operating system innovations OCCC W415 CD Sep-26 12:30 PM
BRK3057 How to protect your virtualization fabric from insider threats with Windows Server 2019 OCCC W240 Sep-26 03:15 PM
BRK2037 Windows Server management reimagined with Windows Admin Center OCCC W415 AB Sep-26 04:00 PM
BRK2236 Take the next step with Windows Server container orchestration OCCC W304 E-H Sep-27 09:00 AM
BRK2179 Elevating your security posture with Windows Server 2019 OCCC WF 3-4 Sep-27 09:00 AM
BRK2231 Be an IT hero with Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2019 OCCC W224 AB Sep-27 10:45 AM
BRK2235 Windows Server 2019 System Insights: Simplified ML for the intelligent edge OCCC W311 A-D Sep-27 12:45 PM
BRK3215 Modernize your datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in Windows Server 2019 OCCC WF 3-4 Sep-27 04:00 PM
BRK3226 Secure access to Office 365/Azure Active Directory with new features in AD FS in Windows Server 2019 OCCC W414 Sep-28 09:00 AM
BRK2242 What’s new in Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2019 OCCC W415 CD Sep-28 09:00 AM
BRK3216 Establishing hybrid connectivity with Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Azure OCCC W304 A-D Sep-28 10:15 AM
BRK3056 Retire your old file servers with Storage Migration Service in Windows Server 2019 OCCC WF 3-4 Sep-28 10:45 AM
BRK2243 Migrate your virtualized client application to Microsoft Azure OCCC W311 A-D Sep-28 11:30 AM


This year is particularly special because even if you’re not attending Ignite in person, you can still watch all breakout and theater sessions live! Use the Session Scheduler to build your agenda and make sure you have the sessions above in it.

Connect with an expert

Sometimes you have specific questions that are related to your specific environment and you need some help in finding an answer that is tailored to your requirements. That’s why we have a group of experts –including the speakers from the sessions above – that you can talk to in the expo! In fact, we have a total of 10 booth stations covering topics from Windows Admin Center to System Center, from Windows Server on Azure to 2008/R2 End of support, and many more. When you have a break from the sessions, make sure you stop by our area in the Applications & Infrastructure in the expo!

HCI Showcase

Hyper-converged Infrastructure is one of the hottest trends in the IT Industry. For the Windows Server Software Defined (WSSD) program, we partnered with long time OEM partners to bring the best-in-class HCI solution to the market and this year we want to show out validated HCI solutions at Ignite.

In the Windows Server & System Center area, we’re hosting an HCI Showcase where attendees will be able to check some validated WSSD solutions and see the solutions in action! Stop by and learn from our experts what Windows Server and WSSD can do!

Windows Server fans appreciation party

Ignite is a packed week with tons of cool new announcements and deep technical content, but it’s also a good time to meet the people behind the products and have a great time in one of the many parties happening throughout the week. This year, we’ll bring our closets friends to a Windows Server fan appreciation party!

If you want to join us, come to the Windows Server & System Center area in the expo and grab one of the “punch cards” before you talk to our experts. If you talk to experts in at least 5 different stations and get a stamp from each of them, you’ll get a ticket to the party we’re hosting on Wednesday night!

(Availability to the party is limited)

In summary, go to the sessions, ask questions, stop by the booth stations, and join us at the parties! Ignite 2018 will be great and we want you to make the most out of it!

See you in Orlando!