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Building Cloud Infrastructure with Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1 

Operating Systems are platforms delivering experiences, features, and APIs that developers can build upon. Today, many developers take already shipping versions of Windows and deliver cloud computing solutions. Windows Server 2012 is a cloud-optimized OS, which means that developers can deliver much better cloud computing solutions with much less effort. System Center 2012 already delivers...Read more

Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Timing 

In my last blog, I mentioned that as we progress towards releasing the next version of Windows, many of the details are getting decided and communicated.  Last week we announced our official product name (“Windows Server 2012”) and that the final product will be delivered this year.  Yesterday Steven Sinofsky delivered the keynote at “Windows...Read more

SMB 2.2 is now SMB 3.0 

We are at an exciting stage of the release.  Beta has been out for some time now and we’ve gotten lots of great feedback.  As we progress towards releasing the next version of Windows, many of the details are getting decided and communicated.  This has been a big week for naming.  On Monday, Brandon LeBlanc...Read more

Introducing Windows Server “8” Hyper-V Network Virtualization: Enabling Rapid Migration and Workload Isolation in the Cloud 

We’ve all heard about the agility that server virtualization delivers.  However, our conversations with people in the trenches made it clear that the full potential of virtualization remains frustratingly beyond their grasp.  In particular, the lack of agile networking limits the agility you can achieve at a reasonable cost.  Windows Server “8” is the most...Read more

Standards-based Management in Windows Server “8” 

Microsoft Windows has long supported standards-based management.  We were one of the founding members of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and shipped the first, and richest, Common Information Model (CIM) Object Manager (CIMOM) we all know as Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).  While WMI has served our customers and partners well, the true promise of...Read more

Microsoft Online Backup Service 

A number of people view the cloud in all or nothing terms – you move everything to the cloud or you leave everything where it is.  The reality is that a lot of cloud adoption is going to follow the hybrid approach using both on-premises and cloud services.  An example of this hybrid approach is...Read more