Lone Server: A new man 

2 min read

Thought TechEd was as good a time as any to give you all some great news…I’VE BEEN UPGRADED! Well, it’s been a crazy few months since the Windows Server 2008 RTM. I kept wondering why they were letting me hang around – what business does one Windows Server 2003 have in a farm of WS08s? Read more


Lone Server: Now I Know Who Is To Blame 

1 min read

Hey everybody – it’s me again, Lone Server.  Thanks for watching my video and sending all of your words of encouragement this past week.  I even got an offer to retire at someone’s “beautiful server farm upstate.”  Not happening.  I’m not giving in and joining your server petting zoo just yet.  Upgrade is coming, I Read more


Guest Blogger: The Lone Server 

2 min read

Hi Everyone – I wanted to introduce myself.  The IT Folks who run Microsoft.com generally refer to me as the “Lone Server.”  Unfortunately, resemblance of my name to the Lone Ranger’s is only coincidental. I’m not fighting crime, unless you count enforcing Group Policy settings.  I don’t have a horse named “Silver” which comes to Read more