Windows Server 2012 Training has begun!!! Register Now! 

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In case you aren’t up on current events: Windows Server 2012 ROCKS!  Do yourself a favor and get educated on all that it can do for you.  Kevin Beares will tell you how. Cheers!  Jeffrey Hey, this is Kevin Beares, Senior Community Lead for the Windows Server and System Center Group.  Over the next few Read more


New “How To” Published on RDS, How to resolve the issue “Remote Desktop Disconnected” or “Unable to Connect to Remote Desktop (Terminal Server)” 

1 min read

New Blog published on how to resolve an issue with Remote Desktop Services, “Remote Desktop Disconnected” or “Unable to Connect to Remote Desktop (Terminal Server)”. In an effort to keep our Windows Server community informed and up to speed on any new technical content on some of our top support issues, we published the above Read more

TechEd Europe Days 2-4: Blogs, Tweets, and Videos 

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The first day’s keynote out of the way, online chatter about TechEd Europe 2010 turned to session reporting, the announced naming of Configuration Manager 2012 (formerly “v.Next”), and continued absorption of Microsoft’s initiatives in cloud computing, Hyper-V Cloud in particular. To give you a kind of wrap up of the goings-on of the past several Read more

TechEd Europe 2010 Day 1: Voices from the Community 

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We’ve been seeing quite a bit of chatter on the “internets” about the goings-on at TechEd Europe 2010 in Berlin, and it’s great to see the diverse impressions of attendees as the event happens. Net Noteworthies The announcements and news about a range of things—including Hyper-V Cloud, the VMM SSP 2.0 release, and RC availability Read more