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Microsoft Presents “Enabling Consumerization without Compromising Compliance” at BriForum this Week

BriForum kicks off today in Chicago. BriForum 2013 is the only technical virtualization conference that is 100% dedicated to desktop virtualization, VDI, application virtualization, Remote Desktop Services, and the consumerization of IT. Later this week Microsoft Product Director Jason Leznek will present, “Enabling Consumerization Without Compromising Compliance”.  Jason’s session is on Thursday morning and will...

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What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 – End-to-End Scenarios Across Products

Although People-centric IT capabilities are great on Windows devices, these capabilities are not limited to Windows devices. We also put a lot of work into enabling first class support for heterogeneous devices in our People Centric IT capabilities. Putting users at the center of what we do includes enabling a broad set of devices. Active...

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I want you to go read the In the Cloud Blog

I am channeling my early days living and breathing as a U.S. Army Officer.  I can’t be any more clear about what I am asking you to do. So, here is your mission: Subscribe to this this nine-part Blog Series called:          What’s New in Windows Server & System Center 2012 R2. In all seriousness… This...

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