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Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate available now

Great news!  We reached another important milestone on the road to the final release of the cloud optimized OS:  Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate (RC) is available now for download and evaluation.   If you haven’t yet started exploring the wide range of new features and capabilities, this new pre-release version is an ideal time to...

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Windows Server 2012, PowerShell 3.0 and DevOps, Part 2

This concludes my two part series.  In my first post, I provided some background information about PowerShell and DevOps.  In this post, I’ll provide you a bunch of specifics.  PowerShell 3.0, like Windows Server 2012, has a ton of new features and enhancements so I’ll only scratch the surface.  –Jeffrey While PowerShell has always been...

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Improved Server Manageability through Customer Feedback: How the Customer Experience Improvement Program makes Windows Server 2012 a better product for IT Professionals

I once talked to a doctor who told me about a recent patient that had serious medical symptoms for over a year before visiting the doctor.  He said that if the patient had mentioned these symptoms when they first arose, the prognosis was very good but now the patient was in trouble.   That reminded me...

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Introducing Windows Server “8” Hyper-V Network Virtualization: Enabling Rapid Migration and Workload Isolation in the Cloud

We’ve all heard about the agility that server virtualization delivers.  However, our conversations with people in the trenches made it clear that the full potential of virtualization remains frustratingly beyond their grasp.  In particular, the lack of agile networking limits the agility you can achieve at a reasonable cost.  Windows Server “8” is the most...

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