Standards-based Management in Windows Server “8” 

18 min read

Microsoft Windows has long supported standards-based management.  We were one of the founding members of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and shipped the first, and richest, Common Information Model (CIM) Object Manager (CIMOM) we all know as Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).  While WMI has served our customers and partners well, the true promise of Read more


Microsoft Online Backup Service 

7 min read

A number of people view the cloud in all or nothing terms – you move everything to the cloud or you leave everything where it is.  The reality is that a lot of cloud adoption is going to follow the hybrid approach using both on-premises and cloud services.  An example of this hybrid approach is Read more


Rocking the Windows Server “8” Administrative Experience 

11 min read

Howdy! My name is Jeffrey Snover. I am the Distinguished Engineer for Windows Server where I help drive the architectural direction and technical strategy of the product. It’s possible you know me as the inventor of Windows PowerShell. As we continue to use this blog to introduce and explain the new capabilities in Windows Server Read more


Windows Server “8” beta available now! 

2 min read

The beta of Windows Server “8” is now available for IT professionals and software developers around the world to download, to evaluate, and to give us feedback on. In September we introduced Windows Server “8” with a preview to help developers and hardware partners prepare new and existing applications, systems and devices. The response from Read more


Windows Server 8: An Introduction 

<1 min read

Take a look at Bill Laing’s blog, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Server and Cloud business, to get an overview of the next release of Windows Server codenamed Windows Server 8. Read Bill’s post on the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform blog. Read more

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