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Winning customers is like running for the President of the United States; the competition is stiff and everyone seems to be full of it. Using the right CRM tools and resources makes running your campaign…...Read more
The Internet of Things is changing business as we know it. Defined as the place where the digital world meets the physical, it’s working to create extended enterprises that reach beyond the traditional…...Read more
Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s good for the environment and good for your supply chain . The traditional approach to supply chain management is a linear progression from producer to consumer, but times…...Read more
About a month ago, I bought some jeans from my favorite retail clothing chain. The jeans fit perfectly- at first. After a few wears, they stretched out beyond return and I wanted to exchange the jeans…...Read more
When Maria taught the Von Trapp children how to sing, she started at the very beginning. As we think about CRM or customer relationship management, we often think about products or solutions that can support…...Read more