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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Four webinars for sales, field service, marketing, and business operations pros

Our webinar series provides a wealth of insights from Microsoft experts, market researchers, and industry luminaries with one goal in mind: to help you optimize your business and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. The latest additions are essential viewing for professionals across sales, marketing, customer service, and finance. Modernize your sales productivity in hours, not days...

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Customer service chat bot.

Customer service webinar series: Optimizing the customer service agent

We know customer service is changing, but what about the role of customer service agents? Customers are more demanding and want to own the conversation, and expectations continue to rise, raising the bar higher and higher. Then there’s the introduction of automation—artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, chatbots, and self-service. Technology can be the catalyst for...

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Two coworkers working on project in casual office setting.

Five revenue killers and how to defeat them

Growing a business is no easy feat. When revenue growth doesn’t meet projections, deducing what’s killing your revenue can be like cracking the case on a Whodunit mystery case. Where should you start searching for the first clues? A new e-book explores the top five culprits that can derail revenue and stop growth dead in...

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Men sitting in a meeting

Improve customer relationships with AI driven market insights

While you’re reading this, there are millions of people talking about brands and offering their opinions about your services or products online. Unfortunately, many businesses have opted to pretend that these conversations aren’t happening and guilty of burying their heads in the sand. However, advances in artificial intelligence are now making it much easier to...

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Microsoft Business Applications for Healthcare: Empowering teams for exceptional patient experiences

This week at the HIMSS 2019 conference, the healthcare IT community will explore solutions to the most urgent challenges facing modern health. Microsoft will share new innovations to help health organizations navigate the complex technology transformations needed to deliver modern patient experiences that promote successful treatments and well-being. The Microsoft Healthcare team will showcase intelligent...

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Customer service webinar series: The new age of customer service

Customer service is changing and the revolution is well underway. Customer service is quickly becoming the epicenter for leading customer experience and customer engagement initiatives, focusing on consistently delivering a positive customer experience to continually build engagement. These initiatives are reinventing customer service, helping organizations become more strategic, and adapt to the way customers want...

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Hot HR trend: Reimagining the employee experience (EX) and flow of work

Last month, I had the immense privilege of inviting Josh Bersin to meet with the Dynamics 365 for Talent team to discuss the HR tech market landscape. In his recent blog, Guess Who’s Looking At The HR Tech Market? Microsoft, Josh shared his perspective on his time spent here in Redmond. While he points out...

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The Microsoft Power Platform – Empowering millions of people to achieve more

There has been a lot of energy surrounding Microsoft’s Power Platform lately. A couple of weeks ago during a presentation he gave on campus, Satya Nadella talked about the importance of the Power Platform and how it serves as a core offering for our customers. Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform on top...

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How intelligence and AI-powered automation make finance smarter and faster

Finance professionals have long been technology pioneers, a fact which they rarely receive credit for. From electronic trading platforms to online payments to cryptocurrency, finance has pioneered digital technology in the workplace for decades. To move finance forward into the next decade, finance professionals need to focus technology investments on AI-powered automation and new analytics...

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Omnichannel in 2019: There’s plenty in store for retail customers

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for the omnichannel retailer. According to the National Retail Federation, retailers saw a 40 percent increase in multichannel shopping in the 2018 holiday season, with social and mobile technologies reigning supreme in the customer shopping experience. It’s no surprise then, that omnichannel was top-of-mind for attendees...

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