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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Now live: Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019 session catalog 

The full session catalog for the Microsoft Business Applications Summit is now available! Explore more than 150 expert-led sessions and workshops (plus 16 pre-days!) packed into this two-day conference, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia June 10 – 11, 2019. Registration is still open, so secure your spot today. Microsoft Business Applications Summit is your team’s...

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Unlock your EHR data to accelerate sales cycles and drive more revenue 

In any industry, business development is a tough job. But in healthcare, business development is especially challenging because of its uniqueness. It’s dependent on patient-focused channels like wellness programs, physician referrals, and community events. Upon closer look, the Affordable Care Act has significantly changed the equation when it comes to the way healthcare is delivered....

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Podcast: Know what your consumers say, seek, and feel 

Business professionals such as product owners, marketers, and sellers are looking to find the right insights about their consumers. Traditional tools such as surveys and industry reports do not give timely and relevant insights and may have biases based on the audience surveyed. I recently participated in a podcast with Mark Smith, a Dynamics 365...

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Business Applications ISV news at Build 2019 

Microsoft Build 2019 is here, and thousands of developers are learning about the latest technologies, sharing best practices with colleagues, and writing lots of code. Last week I wrote about business applications sessions to see at Build, and on Monday I discussed updates for helping ISVs (independent software vendors) and developers be successful from both...

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Power Platform & Azure enable developers to build apps faster than ever 

At Build this year, I’m excited to announce investments for professional developers on our Power Platform. The Power Platform is a low code platform that enables organizations to analyze data, act on it through applications, and automate business processes. It allows everyone, from the professional developer to the frontline worker, to participate in driving better...

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Sneak Peek: Dynamics 365 + Power Platform at Microsoft Build 

Next week, thousands of developers will gather in Seattle, WA for Microsoft Build, our premier event to explore new and upcoming technologies, gain hands-on experience, and level up development skills. While the conference gets technical, with a focus on developer tools and platforms, the experiences attendees take away from this year’s show will benefit nearly...

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Deliver better experiences with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights 

It’s my pleasure to announce the general availability of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights. Customer Service Insights helps provide better customer service experiences through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Customer Service Insights empowers your customer service managers to make better decisions to improve customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. This application delivers: Out-of-the-box dashboards offering...

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Drive demand with account-based marketing 

Account-based marketing (ABM) can increase engagement, deal sizes, and conversions if it’s deployed for the right accounts at the right time. The challenge many organizations face is knowing how to customize an approach with the mix of ABM and broad-based demand strategies and tactics. In a new webinar, Jonathan Tam from SiriusDecisions joined me to...

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Transition from a product to service model with connected field service 

Many manufacturing organizations are transitioning from a traditional product business model to an “as-a-service” business model—including flexible consumption models (FCMs) and “Anything-as-a-service (XaaS)—that lets them pay for what they use. “As-a-service” models provide compelling benefits, such as: Predictable and renewable revenue streams Greater value to the customer, as they only pay for what they consume...

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