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Extending reports in Business Central 

In any business operations software, the ability to visualize, inspect, and print data in an appropriate layout is paramount. In Dynamics 365 Business Central and in most other software, reports serve these purposes. Our partner community is familiar with customizing built-in reports, either as suppliers of a vertical solution that adds capabilities to underlying data...Read more

Knowledge management enhancements increase agent efficiency 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2021 release wave 1 includes enhancements that give admins greater control over knowledge management configuration and help agents access the information they need to resolve customer queries more quickly. This release makes it easier for agents to filter and find the most relevant knowledge articles. Admins can set the knowledge article...Read more

Host web apps using Microsoft Edge WebView2 Process in Unified Service Desk (Preview) 

Unified Service Desk for model-driven apps provides a configurable framework that allows you to build applications that give call center agents a unified view of customer data. Unified Service Desk version 4.2, available for public preview in April, enables you to host web applications using Microsoft Edge WebView2 Process based on the Chromium open-source framework,...Read more

Enhance your fraud workflow with efficient manual review 

Managing robust fraud operations can be complex and time consuming. To help simplify the process and increase your fraud detection efficiency as well as accuracy, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection takes a cohesive approach to manual review. With the Manual Review tool, now available in preview, you can set the rules to identify transactions that can...Read more

Streamline and automate rebate management to increase margins 

Offering your customers and vendors rebates and royalty deals is key to building brand loyalty and has a measurable impact on your company’s margins. Rebates also influence your product pricing strategy and impact accruals, payments, deductions, and revenue. However, keeping track of rebate and royalty programs and calculating them accurately can quickly become time-consuming and...Read more

Here’s a way to increase the accuracy of landed cost calculations 

As the supply chain evolves, logistics management has an even greater impact on the bottom line. Knowing the full price of an item once it arrives at your warehouse is crucial. Miscalculating landed cost through manual entry can result in lost profits for business owners. The Landed cost module in Supply Chain Management provides companies with an innovative way...Read more

Best practices for building an effective fraud scorecard 

One of the most important aspects of fraud prevention is to know where you stand in the fight against fraud. An effective fraud scorecard makes you aware of current trends, helps identify any evolving problem areas, and empowers you to make decisions as an organization. Striking the right balance is important. Too much detail can...Read more

Manage time off requests with Human Resources app for Microsoft Teams 

With more employees working remote, it is more important than ever to meet workers where they work. This includes making tasks related to human resources easier to track from home. This becomes even more important as more organizations use Microsoft Teams not only for collaboration but also to help improve employee experiences and productivity. We’re...Read more

Import historical data to optimize fraud protection 

To help boost your fraud protection strategy, we’ve released an improved data upload experience in Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. The centralized interface guides you through importing historical data for purchase protection and loss prevention. For details about this feature, refer to the schemas for purchase protection and loss prevention. If some fields are not applicable to your industry, you can leave...Read more

Build a tailored fraud prevention strategy with custom assessments 

Effectively managing fraud requires a multi-tiered strategy. It is essential to adopt a fraud prevention strategy with a broad view, encompassing multiple user interaction events, and phased decision-making points. A user interacts in many ways on a merchant’s website, such as searching for products, updating account info, writing a review, adding or removing items from...Read more

In case you missed it: Webinar offers tips for using AI in retail loss prevention 

Looking for a way to harness the power of AI to help prevent retail loss, but missed the recent webinar on the subject? You can register and watch now.  Gain insight into how Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection loss prevention has helped fashion company, BESTSELLER, quickly identify and investigate potential sources of fraud and inventory loss...Read more