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If you work with an installation where forms in MS Dynamics AX are opened in the background then the following code fix might help out here: “Microsoft provides programming examples for illustration only, without warranty either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose....Read more
Main documentation: The following 2 items explain the Inplace Upgrade process. No 1) shows the basic idea and No 2) goes even more into detail: (Important: Please follow all the steps in No 2) exactly in the given order and plan enough time for tests) 1) 2) (Note: This used to be updated...Read more
There is no way around for the need to run “Update cross reference” but the following approach could avoid long running times at least for 1 environment. Please test that in a test environments first by also taking into consideration the following disclaimer: “Microsoft provides programming examples for illustration only, without warranty either expressed or...Read more
SSRS in MS Dynamics AX 2012 RTM uses session pooling. The first request that comes in from a user – a session will be created for them within the AOS services. Each user gets a session cached on the AOS services, so subsequent calls just reuse the session which matches the user who is making...Read more
Found the following way on how to customize user depended fonts for reports and forms in AX 2012 client: (1) Open a new developer workspace (2) Navigate in the AOT to forms, SysUserSetup, designs, design(sys), [tab:tab](sys)], right click [TabPage.Fonts] (sys) and select properties (3) Set the property visible by default No to Yes (4) Save...Read more
Basically you have 3 possibilities to proceed with the physical change of the data center locations: 1) You shut down the existing servers in the old data center in a controlled manner, transport these servers physically to the new data center and start them up there in a controlled manner again. 2) You leave the...Read more
  If you are looking for Information here the following hints might be of interest: We have the following Benchmark report available. That was performed based on MS Dynamic 2012 R1 but in terms of the sizing results things remained the same so it is still valid. Important note: The tests in the Benchmark Report...Read more