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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Within the month of March 2015, we released the following new features and capabilities for Azure RemoteApp: 

  • Ability to create a custom image from an Azure VM, read full blog post.
  • PowerShell modules and SDK for Azure RemoteApp Management, read full blog post.
  • Australia region now available, read full blog post.
  • Office O365 platform image was updated with March Windows Server 2012 R2 software updates.
  • iOS client was updated to version 8.1.7 resolving third party keyboard issues and adding additional languages (8.1.8 was released today and changes some telemetry behavior).
  • Android BETA client was updated to version 8.1.7 resolving issues with Android 4.0 and a few bugs.
  • Windows Phone client was updated to version 8.1.9 resolving issues with some RD Gateways.
  • Mac client was updated to version 8.0.15 resolving issues with <ALT> key and international keyboards.
  • Fixed issue using non-US locales that would cause collection creation failures, read more.
  • Two Azure RemoteApp site updates to accommodate all the changes on March 5th and 25th.

Following documentation was released and updated:

Two webinars were conducted, “How to deploy Microsoft Access in Azure RemoteApp” on March 4th and the recorded session link is here, and “How to create custom image from Azure VM” on March 18th, watch the recorded session link is here. The next webinar is on April 8th and will be on “Introduction to PowerShell modules for Azure RemoteApp” at 8:30am PST.  Register and get links to all recorded sessions here.

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Thank you from the entire Remote Desktop (Azure RemoteApp) team!