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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Today Season 3 starts to wrap up with the first in a pair of outtakes episodes – it’s all the best stuff we couldn’t fit into the other shows, but it’s just too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

In this episode, I talk with Jim Fowler, (CIO, General Electric), Paul Fipps (CIO & EVP, Under Armour), and Mark Russinovich (CTO, Microsoft Azure).  We cover why it’s such a big deal that GE finally chose a CIO with a technology background, the initial terror of taking your hands off the wheel of a self-driving car, and why enterprise productivity has (statistically) flat-lined, and what IT can do about that.  Mark also spends a couple minutes talking really candidly about why Azure is seeing so much success in a very competitive public cloud market.


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In the next episode, close out Season 3 with one last set of outtakes – it’s some pretty great stuff.

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