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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada


Boosting Innovation in Ontario’s Public Service 

The accelerated adoption of technology due to the global pandemic has motivated organizations of all sizes, both private and public sector, to think critically about their digital strategy and make room for digital transformation opportunities that meet the needs of customers, employees and citizens....Read more

Zero Trust for networking 

Over the last year, the demand for cloud-based services and applications has dramatically increased and the need to scale pushed to new levels. We are moving away from an era where networks were clearly defined and usually specific to a certain location. Now there isn’t necessarily a contained/defined network to secure, but instead a vast...Read more

Zero Trust for devices—new approaches for today’s new reality 

Through the new realities of working from home, organizations are seeing a substantial increase in the diversity of devices accessing their networks. In a receive survey, due to the pandemic, 86% of IT leaders say at least ¼ of their staff are connecting to the corporate networks through personal and shared devices right now. With...Read more

Calgary Counselling Centre’s rapid Microsoft Teams deployment delivers highly effective mental health care 

Calgary Counselling Centre (CCC) serves some 12,000 clients per year, averaging 35,600 hours of counselling sessions as it helps individuals, families, and groups develop the skills they need to thrive. In business for about 60 years, CCC also provides 80 students each year with the leading-edge research, education, and training opportunities they need to become...Read more

Streamlining Communication and Collaboration for Law Enforcement 

Law enforcement has always needed to be resilient, in order to maintain justice and protect communities. Historically, first responders developed agile and mobile ways to work when faced with natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and forest fires. The pandemic raised a whole new challenge. First responders were on the front lines of contagion. Public safety...Read more