The pace and scale of change in the modern workplace is nothing short of staggering.

By next year, two-thirds of the Global 2000 CEOs will have digital transformation at the heart of their corporate strategy. But it’s manifesting at the employee level in equally transformative ways.

Employee expectations are changing, and a new culture of work is emerging. Employees are looking for a sense of purpose, and a clear connection to a company mission. They’re becoming more creative, more critical thinkers and more collaborative with colleagues in the course of their everyday work. Harnessing employee ingenuity is becoming critical for businesses to stay successful and remain relevant.

Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse and mobile, with individuals working across multiple locations and devices throughout the workday. People want physical and digital workspaces that feel inclusive and open, and somewhere they can easily share and connect and work together. As a result, organizations are becoming more networked.

And through all of this, businesses must stay focused on maintaining an environment that’s safe and secure and protects against cyber threats.

For Microsoft, this represents a fundamental shift in how we are designing solutions to empower people with innovative technology, to fully embrace and harness this modern culture of work.

This is why we are celebrating the arrival of Microsoft 365 – our exciting new suite of services designed to harness the tremendous potential of the modern workplace and the people who power it, enabling them to be better connected, more productive and more secure than ever before.

Microsoft 365 brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, delivering a complete, intelligent and secure solution to empower employees. There are two solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of enterprise operations as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise includes Office 365 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security.
  • Microsoft 365 Business is a new solution designed for small and midsize businesses (SMB), bringing together the best-in-class productivity and collaboration capabilities of Office 365 with device management and security solutions to safeguard business data.

Both solutions provide the tools for creators to do their best work, whether that’s drafting a business plan, crunching numbers for a sales report or building a predictive model for game design, creating a pitch deck for a big customer meeting or designing the next skyscraper.

Our tools are backed by AI and machine learning, and they empower people to do things they could never do on their own because they now have the intelligent services working for them – enabling creativity, automating tasks, surfacing insights and connecting activities and experiences across any device.

We know today’s teams are unique and have different sets of needs – no one size fits all. So, we have developed a universal toolkit for collaboration, giving people flexibility and ownership in how they work together – to address the needs of every group across different projects and diverse working styles.

Microsoft 365 offers the broadest and deepest set of apps and services that make collaborating on docs, sharing files and working seamlessly across their devices even easier, so teams can interact and work together in a personalized and engaging way – no matter where they are.

It integrates with existing infrastructure, enabling IT to consolidate and simplify solutions and save money. Microsoft 365 supports hybrid environments, providing companies with the flexibility to integrate cloud and on-premise solutions.

But most importantly, Microsoft 365 unlocks creativity, by empowering people to express their ideas more effectively and to spark innovation. We constantly strive to build technology that augments human creativity. In a world of digital transformation and a constantly evolving workforce (and the workplaces it inhabits), Microsoft 365 delivers on that promise.

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