Boosting IT capacity 

Dell helps Canadian SaaS provider Distributech/InvestorCom to increase IT availability, improve disaster recovery, enhance data security and reduce costs….Read more

Creating a culture of security 

Which security vulnerability do businesses almost always overlook? Here’s a hint: it’s a big one.  For many enterprises, IT security means securing infrastructure, devices, and software from infiltration and attack, but one critical element often gets overlooked: the human element. Humans, by nature, often want to help each other and that willingness to serve can…Read more

Keeping threats at bay 

How Microsoft changed its approach to security to protect an increasingly mobile workforce. Today’s modern workplace is changing and Microsoft is no exception. Our employees collaborate around the world from almost any location; our people have a robust lives and fully embrace the work-from-anywhere philosophy. Accordingly, the Microsoft IT organization has had to make a…Read more

Cybersecurity & Privacy: Managing enterprise risk 

Today, security and privacy are no longer just IT issues. As many high-profile security breaches have recently taught us, the implications of a security incident can reach far beyond the costs to eliminate the problem. These issues can damage the trust you have earned from your customers, irreparably harm your brand image, and negatively impact…Read more

Finance focus with Amy Hood and Frank Brod 

Watch Microsoft’s finance leaders discuss how analytics have driven company-wide impact and efficiency. Amy Hood and Frank Brod help set an industry standard for merging data analytics and financial oversight. The question is, which practices set a company apart? There is endless data to be mined, so making certain the finance team harvests the right…Read more

How to turn chaos into cash 

Make your enterprise more responsive by placing innovation at the heart of your business. This month, we continue to examine the responsive business behind the assorted desks that form the Microsoft Enterprise team. There are a few gems we’ve unearthed that explore the heart of the responsive business and what kind of behaviour a responsive…Read more