Creating connections with IOT 

Over the past 12 months, the internet of things (IoT) has taken center stage for businesses in every industry, and retail is no exception. Retailers are starting with their own things – their existing data, devices and services – and transforming everything from the supply chain through to the customer experience. And by doing so,…Read more

How to turn chaos into cash 

Make your enterprise more responsive by placing innovation at the heart of your business. This month, we continue to examine the responsive business behind the assorted desks that form the Microsoft Enterprise team. There are a few gems we’ve unearthed that explore the heart of the responsive business and what kind of behaviour a responsive…Read more

The science of relationships 

The quiet life of the brain: why neuroscience and behavioral economics should be in every digital marketer’s toolkit. How does the mind work? For thousands of years, this question has been at the center of conversations in philosophy, religion, psychology,sociology, biology, and neuroscience. While there is no shortage of hypotheses, there are relatively few concrete…Read more

The Microsoft Periodic Table 

An elemental view of Microsoft’s structure—based on your favorite poster from chemistry class. The original periodic table dates back to 1869, envisioned by Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev. It’s been a favorite in science classrooms around the world ever since—as well serving as an inspiration to some of our more visually creative Microsofties, who…Read more

A universe of opportunities 

Speak provides its readers with a quarterly digest of features, commentary and case studies focusing on the role of Microsoft technology in the retail, hospitality and consumer industries….Read more

Transforming the Hotel Intranet 

According to Accor’s Marc Champsaur, the world is changing very quickly – and so is the hospitality industry. To keep up, he says, the hotel group needs to be more agile, and enable its employees to be the same. Mobility is a cornerstone in transforming the business, and one priority is to easily allow employees…Read more

A new way of working 

Dixons Retail is one of Europe’s largest specialist electrical retailing and services companies. Its brands include Currys and PC World in the UK and Ireland, as well as many others across Europe….Read more

The millennial marketing mystery 

How to market to the most diverse generation since the 1960’s. The millennials (the age group born during the 1980’s and early 1990’s and sometimes referred to colloquially as Generation Y) are a mystery to many in the workforce. It’s a classic struggle: as each age group matures, the rift between the seasoned workers and…Read more

New use cases for device and mobile retail: Preparing for the next wave 

s the mobility and device revolution motivating or debilitating retailers in their quest to win consumer mindshare and walletshare? 2014 EKN analysis (n=131 retailers) reveals that on an average less than a third of retailers use some form of mobility and inter-operable devices that support sales, service and operations today….Read more

Chobani and the connected platform 

How a tiny yogurt company grew to a national brand in less than a decade. Chobani yogurt started out as a five-person operation in upstate New York. In less than ten years, the company grew to more than 2,200 employees with distribution in most of the major grocers in the U.S. Find out how this…Read more