Another year and yet another exciting week of retail innovation for us at NRF 2019!

I had some really interesting discussions at this year’s show—both at Microsoft events and out on the floor with retailers, customers and industry experts. The National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show was the perfect place to explore some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in Canadian retail right now—from creating amazing customer experiences to finding new ways to stand out in a super competitive time.

Of course, not every Canadian retailer could carve three days out of their schedule to make it to New York for the convention. In case you missed it, I captured some key takeaways Canadian retailers should think about in the latest episode of The Voice of Retail Podcast, a weekly podcast hosted by retail pioneer and veteran Michael LeBlanc and produced in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada.

The Voice of Retail Podcast

As I was hosting some of the most influential Canadian retailers during the show, one of the recurring topics that came up in our discussions was about building a successful A.I. retail strategy. More specifically, how exactly to build an A.I. strategy focused on:

  • Knowing Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves
  • Empowering Your Employees to Provide the Best Customer Experience Possible
  • Equipping Your Supply Chain to Anticipate and Exceed Customer Demand
  • Reimagining Retail to Create New Experiences

Everything we discussed with top leaders in Canadian retail is actually available today in the A.I. Retail Playbook – a report co-authored by Microsoft and PSFK (a NYC based thinktank).

Until next year – see you at The Big Show in 2020!