Lock graphic with text that reads 64% of passwords are weak, default, or stolen.

Welcome to Day 4 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada.

Today, we continue our focus on employees and the responsibility everyone shares in the office and the field. Working together, you can protect your business from modern crimes, like social engineering. This post talks about Be Safe Online—a bundle of resources you can use to train employees on security basics.

How often do you speak with your employees, contractors, and vendors about their security responsibilities? Well, you should! Business owners who ignore the conversation end up with employees who make predictable, avoidable, and costly mistakes. Without any training or policies indicating otherwise, people tend to do things like use weak passwords or exchange files on USB thumb drives (which always go missing).

Instead of waiting for accidents to happen, introduce some basic employee security training by using materials like those found in the Be Safe Online Security Kit.

Be Safe Online Security Kit

The Be Safe Online Security Kit is a free Microsoft content bundle of brochures, flyers, videos, posters, and an Internet Security quiz that you can download one at a time or all at once. Designed for a general/non-technical audience, you can use them to supplement your employee security training program. They provide basic information on how employees can recognize and protect against social engineering attempts. DOWNLOAD IT NOW

Everything in one place

Be Safe Online Security Kit combines educational brochures, posters, flyers, videos, a white paper, a list of helpful resources, and several educational videos for team and company meetings. Several of the flyers and posters are provided in PowerPoint so they can be customized with company logo and contacts. The flyers can be turned into one-pagers for employee training.

Subjects covered

These materials provide an introduction into how employees can be more secure online by recognizing and protecting against social engineering attempts, designed to gain confidential personal, financial, and corporate information. They explore online issues such as fraud, identify theft, and privacy. DOWNLOAD IT NOW