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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada

The science of relationships 

The quiet life of the brain: why neuroscience and behavioral economics should be in every digital marketer’s toolkit. How does the mind work? For thousands of years, this question has been at the center of conversations in philosophy, religion, psychology,sociology, biology, and neuroscience. While there is no shortage of hypotheses, there are relatively few concrete...Read more

The Microsoft Periodic Table 

An elemental view of Microsoft’s structure—based on your favorite poster from chemistry class. The original periodic table dates back to 1869, envisioned by Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev. It’s been a favorite in science classrooms around the world ever since—as well serving as an inspiration to some of our more visually creative Microsofties, who...Read more

The millennial marketing mystery 

How to market to the most diverse generation since the 1960’s. The millennials (the age group born during the 1980’s and early 1990’s and sometimes referred to colloquially as Generation Y) are a mystery to many in the workforce. It’s a classic struggle: as each age group matures, the rift between the seasoned workers and...Read more