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Secrets and skills: Behind the scenes with Microsoft UK graduates 

It’s no secret that the UK has a skills shortage – with IT companies particularly hard-hit; 68% of IT teams report that they face a shortage of necessary skills. As we look to create the next era of digital leaders across the country, companies are focused on how to bridge the gap between the skills...

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How to prepare your business for Black Friday & Christmas sales 

  In 2018, Black Friday sales hit a colossal £1.4bn in the UK – an increase of 7.3% on the previous year. In the US, it hit a record £4.8bn. Was your business prepared? What can you learn from UK retailers during the run up to this period? What business decisions can be made to...

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Supporting the UK in fighting cyber-crime 

Societies around the globe are growing ever-more dependent on information and communications technology. They rely on them for easier access to information and communication, more efficient delivery of government services, and as a key component of national economy....

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4 tips for establishing a digital learning platform 

It’s been an interesting journey of discovery. Just over two years ago, I took on the role of Head of Digital at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College with the main objective of implementing the recently produced digital strategy. The first priority of this strategy was, and I quote…...

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5 tips for creating digitally skilled educators 

There are few things at Glasgow Kelvin College as important as developing skills. Almost 16,000 students enjoy accessible vocational skills and core-skills learning from five campus buildings and through a large network of over 40 community-based learning centres....

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Work-life-study balance: 3 tips to make time for skills development and yourself 

I’ve always been somebody who learns best through practical application and hands-on experiences. But that’s not to say that I don’t value the need for learning and skills development. The way we work will be totally transformed in the future. And having the right skills – both being confident in applying digital skills to technology,...

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