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Azure Log Analytics: Azure Sentinel Queries 

I almost forgot about this set of tips, but I was asked again yesterday – so decided to post this. Often when investigating Event logs or Security Event logs, you look at the EventID. These are two of the most common basic methods. Event | summarize count() by EventID, RenderedDescription | sort by count_ desc...

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Azure Sentinel – Dashboard queries 

The vast majority of my day job at the moment includes Azure Sentinel. Some of the queries I’ve shown in the previous posts can be used to see data points for Sentinel as well. Typically I display all these on an Azure Dashboard, but you can also just use the queries. Sentinel specifc DashBoards can...

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Azure Log Analytics: looking at data and costs – Part 3 

Part1: Part2: Part3 – This post :…and-costs-part-3/ There are two parts to this post: 1. Predict Forward 2. Add more computers 1. Predict forward In the previous two posts on this topic, we’ve seen the data ‘as is’ and in the past (normally the past month) – but how to we predict...

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Using AI to deliver a personalised and efficient patient journey 

If anyone understands the value of a great patient experience, it’s Alfonso Ferrandez. The Chief Technology Officer at Doctorlink is ruminating on the use of AI in healthcare. Artificial intelligence is transforming the way people access care, and yet, as Alfonso explains, “a lot of people have distrust for AI in healthcare. There’s a reluctance...

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DrDoctor prescribes automation for healthcare 

We’re going to be sharing a story every week for the 12 weeks of summer, showing you how healthcare organisations are using technology to transform patient outcomes and increase productivity. For the second blog in the series, Phil Allen, Technology Strategist for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Microsoft, will be sharing an example of how...

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