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Microsoft Industry Blogs - United Kingdom


Get to grips with Azure Synapse with this free digital event 

There is so much to learn about Azure Synapse, from serverless SQL pools, intelligent workload management and cognitive services integration, to streaming analytics, Azure machine learning integration and Azure Synapse link with Azure Cosmos DB....Read more

Getting started with Windows Server 2019 

Windows Server 2008 reached End of Support at the beginning of 2020, meaning that if you are running any Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 servers in your environment, they will no longer be receiving regular updates from Microsoft or be able to contact technical support to open tickets....Read more

New Azure features and functionality for December​ 2020 

It’s been a busy month as far as new Azure features and functionality go! Just in case you’ve missed something, we’ve collected all of the announcements from December 2020 in one place. Be sure to give this list a read through, as there’s a wealth of exciting new functions and updates to check out!...Read more

How to develop a chatbot to support your educators and students 

The ever-growing potential of chatbots in education is now being explored and evaluated across the sector. Given the accessibility of Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents and App Studio, it is no longer necessary to learn how to code to get started with creating your first chatbot in Microsoft Teams....Read more

Introducing Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI 

Containers in general may be new to you, but one term I’m sure many of you have heard of is Kubernetes – open-source orchestration software for deploying, managing, and scaling containers. Kubernetes is huge in the app development world, but as an IT Pro, how do you stay relevant here?...Read more

Introducing the PowerPoint Festive Quiz 2020! 

It’s holiday season 2020, and that can only mean one thing. Put down your phone. Turn off your fourth Christmas film of the day. Put on your paper hat and get out the nibbles. It’s quiz time! For the first time ever, we’ve created a ready-to-download, easy to use PowerPoint holiday quiz template. It’s a...Read more