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Azure Cosmos DB: A Completely Unofficial Primer 

Ian Moulster is back with a totally unofficial look at Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, a service that is growing at a phenomenal rate as developers and data scientists across the world start taking advantage of its remarkable capabilities....Read more

How to deploy Linux in WVD when you can’t deploy Linux in WVD 

In my role as a Windows Virtual Desktop Global Black Belt at Microsoft working with customers deploying WVD, I often get asked can we deploy Linux in WVD? The answer is no, but yes. The official answer is we don’t support Linux. In fact, this is the official list of operating systems that we support:...Read more

Using the Distance Matrix API for Bing Maps 

The Distance Matrix API allows you to generate travel time and distances (with the help of the Bing Maps Route API) for a given set of origins and destinations. It can also factor in predictive traffic information when generating times thereby allowing you to avoid any potential delays....Read more

A closer look at Game Stack, with on-demand videos 

On March 17 and 18, we live-streamed a variety of Game Stack-related content that we originally planned to share at this year’s Game Developers Conference. Fortunately, even if you missed it last week, all of the talks are archived and ready to watch!...Read more

Enterprise-wide orchestration using multiple data factories 

Building simple data engineering pipelines with a single Azure Data Factory (ADF) is easy, and multiple activities can be orchestrated within a single pipeline. More sophisticated data engineering patterns require flexibility and reusability through Pipeline Orchestration....Read more

Azure Sentinel: CIDR matching 

KQL has some IPV4 features.  A new one last month is IPV4_is_match : Two examples: 1.Using the SigninLogs Table as data. This example takes an IP Address from the log and sees if it is in an allowed range or not.  You define whats allowed or not in the CASE statement. SigninLogs | where...Read more

What are the top methods to deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing a significant increase in working from home, as well as massive demand for new Windows Virtual Desktop host pools, where organisations are increasing the infrastructure foot print in order to support these additional users.   You may well be being asked to either deploy new WVD host...Read more

Azure Monitor Workbooks: How to find Virtual Machines that are in, and not in Azure! 

Sorry I’ve been away for while, however I’m back with a few articles on Azure Monitor Workbooks.  Thanks to Alp Babayigit for the idea and use case for this Workbook. I first started with Workbooks when Azure Sentinel was launched and published some articles here:   Summary In this new Workbook, I...Read more