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How to implement an ethical framework in AI

To ensure AI can only do good, we must first understand the ethical issues related to creating thinking machines and relying on them to make important decisions that affect humans and society in general. We list the key elements required for an ethical framework in AI to enable success....

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A dummies guide to AI

I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s taken me a little while to get my head around the two letters we’re seeing more and more: AI. Speaking with customers and partners has made me realise that I’m not the only one who needed a ‘dummies guide’ for this rapidly emerging technology. Part of my problem...

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Creative people, creative culture: lessons from Future Decoded 2018

It feels good to be creative, doesn’t it? Whether that means mixing up how you work, collaborating in flexible ways, or tackling challenges on the fly. I, for one, love the feeling of experimenting with new technology and seeing where it takes me. At Microsoft, we believe that every person has creative potential. And that...

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Better tech, better business: lessons from Future Decoded 2018

The world of business is changing fast. UK companies are having to really re-think how they work. Especially if they’re keen to innovate quickly and keep up with trends. At Microsoft, we understand that outdated tools, processes, and workplaces stifle people’s ability to work creatively. I want to share some of my key takeaways from...

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Migrating to the modern desktop made easy

Everyone wants the latest and greatest tech but something is stopping IT teams from migrating employees to modern desktops. A Windows PC is where the majority of your employees will do most of their work and, for them, it’s always been an easy choice. Most people are already happily using Windows 10 at home. But...

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How do you solve the employee engagement challenge?

Employee engagement surveys are a very important and valuable way to get information. But with plenty of assumptions and biases from leaders and employees alike, they can’t be the single source. You need real data from your business processes to back up your plans for improving employee engagement....

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Maximising the AI opportunity in healthcare

Technology is changing so quickly. Since joining Microsoft four years ago, I’ve seen it grown so much – not just in business, either. I often get asked the same question by nurses and clinicians: “What does Microsoft do in healthcare?” I saw it in action at Future Decoded, standing side-by-side with our NHS customers....

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