Introducing chaos engineering to Machine Learning deployments 

By Vivek Raja; Data Scientist, NexStemA data scientist’s worst nightmare is seeing their Machine Learning model deployment fail at production. But there are ways to ensure that the deployment targets are resilient enough to handle incoming prediction traffic. This blog charts out a way to establish a well-architected Azure solution by applying chaos engineering approaches Read more

Using NoSQL with Azure Cosmos DB across varied industry use cases 

By Patrik Bihammar, Azure Open Data Platform Lead at Microsoft Asia  NoSQL database technologies such as MongoDB (document), Cassandra (wide-column), and Gremlin (graph) are arguably the biggest and most transformative trend in the universe of databases over the past decade. The digital transformation that we have all witnessed across every industry simply would not have Read more

Benefits of migrating MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase and relational databases to Azure Cosmos DB 

By Patrik Bihammar, Azure Open Data Platform Lead at Microsoft Asia  Today, applications are expected to be highly responsive and always available. They need to respond in real-time, store massive volumes of data, and make this data available to users in milliseconds. To achieve this, developers need to ensure millisecond response times, ultra-low latency, ultra-high Read more

How Blubirch tapped into the power of cloud native services to drive business efficiency 

By Vyom Rawat, Director – Technology, Blubirch; Sagar Joshi, Digital Specialist, Microsoft Blubirch is a digital SaaS provider helping retailers and OEMs optimize their reverse supply chain, including returns management, processing, and remarketing for returns, excess, refurbished, and decommissioned inventory. Their SaaS solution comes with no upfront cost and covers complete returns process for enhanced Read more

How Icertis built a contract management solution using Azure Form Recognizer 

By Sonam Shah, Solutions Specialist, Data and AI, Microsoft; and Sunu Engineer, Principal Architect and Product Evangelist, ML and AI Projects, Icertis With increasing business complexity, changing market dynamics and uncertainty in today’s business climate, organizations are constantly innovating to satisfy heightened customer expectations and strengthen supply chains. A key to doing so is thinking Read more

How Ramco Systems built a voice biometric authentication solution with Azure Cognitive Services 

By Nidhi Sinha, Solutions Specialist, Microsoft; Prakash Lekkala, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft; and Ramesh Sivasubramanian, VP, Tech & Innovation, Ramco Systems Ramco Systems is a fast-growing enterprise software player offering multi-tenant cloud and mobile-based software around Global Payroll and HR, ERP, Logistics and M&E MRO for aviation sector.The company caters to over 500 large enterprises Read more