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To win over today’s connected and tech-savvy consumers, banks must transform to become digital organizations centered on providing a quick, convenient and personalized customer experience.

China Merchants Bank (CMB), which has 1,921 domestic and foreign correspondent banks in 113 countries and regions, is one of many banks worldwide that has committed to making this move.

At CMB’s branches, customers can use a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 device with a Windows 10-based video teller (VTM) app to quickly handle up to almost 50 different functions by themselves. The Surface’s touchscreen makes it easy for customers to find answers to their queries and fill out forms, while the front-facing HD camera allows them to initiate a real-time video call with a remote CMB teller to verify their identity and finalize their transactions. They can also use peripheral devices connected to the Surface’s built-in USB port to swipe their bank or ID cards, or scan their thumbprints.

Unlike in traditional banks where tellers can only serve one customer at a time, the VTM enables one remote teller to assist up to 13 people simultaneously. This means customers can complete transactions twice as quickly as before.

“Previously, I had to queue up for a long time to make a bank transaction, now with the VTM, the same transaction can be done in three minutes,” says one of CMB’s enterprise customers. “This experience is awesome.”

Moving to self-service VTMs has helped CMB to cut operating costs, minimize human resources in physical branches, and reduce the administrative burden on its employees. Now, rather than being confined behind a glass screen managing every banking process for customers, employees can support customers using the self-service VTMs and, if necessary, provide additional assistance with complex queries.

“In the past, we had to guide customers to counters to handle all of their business, but now with the VTM and depending on different customer needs, we can help them to handle their transaction by ourselves,” says one of CMB’s lobby assistants. “The VTM has made my work more efficient.”

Thanks to the Surface’s compact size, CMB’s employees can also take the VTM out of the bank branch and into the offices of its corporate or VIP clients to provide them with a more convenient and customized service.

“Not so long ago, we had to bring all of our customers into one of the branches to access banking services,” says an external extension manager from CMB. “Now with the video counter, we can offer a much more personalized service based on each customers’ individual needs, which makes my work easier and flexible.”

CMB’s Surface-based VTM service is certainly helping to the bank to fulfill its brand promise: “We are here just for you! We change with the world.”

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