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Because one size doesn’t fit all. Why you should be targeting the place, time, and medium of your marketing more than ever before.


Above the clutter of bad advertising—invasive pop-ups, confusing commercials, irrelevant billboards, and annoying emails—stands a class of strategic marketers who define advertising success far beyond impressions or GRPs.

Instead, they view advertising as a tool to help people make smarter purchase decisions and to create happy, loyal clients. These engagements come from creating personalized experiences through every brand touch-point. The harsh reality is that no two consumers are exactly alike: each has different needs, different motivations, and are at different stages in the buying process…and their individuality should be reflected in their conversation with those brands that are courting them. Tactically speaking, this means talking to the right people with the right message at the right place and at the right time.

Marketers who are able to achieve this can separate themselves from the clutter and build stronger, more personal and more profitable relationships with customers.