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Given the complex and dynamic nature of the threats our communities face, it’s vital that emergencies are managed as quickly and cohesively as possible across jurisdictions and geographies. Law enforcement, fire, and other emergency response call centers need to be able to process data from a broad range of sources and share it in real time with first responders.

With cloud-based call center and dispatch solutions, your public safety organization can connect information, people, and processes across disparate systems, agencies, and communities. That way, you can empower response teams with real-time comprehensive situational awareness and a clear operating picture of emergency events as they unfold.

By digitally transforming your call center and dispatch infrastructure with cloud services, you can connect and analyze the unprecedented amount of data being collected by diverse emergency management systems; security, surveillance, body-worn, and in-vehicle cameras; social media; and more. The high-performance computing power and storage capacity of the cloud means more information can be processed faster than ever and turned into insight call center and dispatch personnel can share with first responders. What’s more, you can scale and pay as you go for cloud services, which can help you get the digital resources you need within budget constraints.

Call center and dispatch solutions built on the trusted Microsoft cloud can help you:

Improve situational awareness and incident response

Equip leaders with real-time situational awareness about the location, capacity, and status of forces, assets, and people. This can help them make rapid decisions, deploy the right level of support, and determine the most effective response to unfolding events.

Empower teams with insight for data-driven operations

In pressurized, rapidly changing environments, enable more precise decision-making and data-driven operations by empowering teams with insight. Gaining the most accurate information possible helps incident commanders and responding teams provide superior support to field workers, coordinate cross-agency response, and achieve operational success.

Streamline processes across agencies

Automate business processes to manage the flow of information and activities across agencies and applications—even when a process takes place over days or months. Use an integrated platform that supports a wide range of applications, devices and hardware — from mobile devices to datacenter resources. That way, agency personnel can stay connected and focused on their missions, regardless of the device they’re using or where they’re using it.

Engage your community

Enable citizens to report suspicious activities through online and mobile experiences. Monitor information and publish updates on social media.

To learn more and find a partner that can help you transform your call center and dispatch infrastructure, please visit our Call Center and Dispatch solution page.