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There’s a lot to like for government leaders attending our flagship Microsoft Envision event, Sept. 25-27, in Orlando, Fla.

In addition to exchanging ideas and building relationships with government leaders from across the nation and world, we have curated a compelling slate of seven sessions specifically for those representing cities, counties, states, regions and federal organizations. A few examples:

Empowering government through digital transformation

In this fireside chat, founder and vice president of IDC’s Smart Cities program Ruthbea Yesner and Microsoft’s CVP of Worldwide Industry Toni Townes-Whitley will share their thoughts on how accelerating digital transformation can help government services evolve and empower employees to better engage and meet the expectations of citizens with new innovations. This is a must-attend session for government leaders interested in enabling smart-city digital transformations and hearing from these two sought-after speakers.  

Transform government services to better engage citizens through cloud and mobile

With technology transforming how governments deliver critical services and creating new connections with citizens, Microsoft’s Richard Zak will lead a discussion with Mayor Richard Thomas, City of Mount Vernon, N.Y., and James White, assistant chief of the Detroit Police Department. They’ll discuss smart-city initiatives, such as:

  • How Mount Vernon is driving a digital transformation to lead the city from “pen and paper” to modern services for public safety, citizen engagement and commerce.
  • Detroit’s Project Green Light, which reduces crime and strengthens the community by connecting local businesses to law enforcement through collaboration around connected, cloud-powered video surveillance systems.

Engage your citizens by enabling a smarter government

I’m especially excited to host this session with citizen services/311 thought leader Spencer Stern, principal of Stern Consulting, who we featured in this recent Microsoft CityNext blog. John Pugh, deputy CIO, Chesterfield County, Va., will join us to discuss how his organizations is improving services and increasing citizen participation in today’s world, where most citizens are mobile and expect information and services to be available at any time and accessible from any device.

This is just a sampling of the content that’s aimed at meeting or exceeding the expectations of government representatives attending Envision, which also features an impressive lineup of visionaries and experts, including Beth Comstock, Michelle Obama and Satya Nadella. When coupled with the immersive experience of our Digital Transformation Showcase and the invaluable opportunity to share top-of-mind challenges, ideas and insights with government peers, Envision is sure to inspire attendees to take the next step toward digital transformation!

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