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If citizens and their government embrace the power of AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning, what could happen? Industry analysts at Gartner recently set out to answer this question. After analyzing current trends, they posited a series of hypotheses on how government might work if it were to leverage AI and data to proactively meet the needs of the people.

What do these predictions mean for decision makers today? Explore the interactive infographic “Gartner predicts: The digital government of 2030” to find out.

In the infographic you’ll learn:

  • Key findings from Gartner’s full report
  • The impact a digital, predictive government could have on citizens
  • How today’s government leaders can anticipate and embrace future innovation

I invite you to explore this infographic to learn about Gartner’s predictions of how governments might work in 2030: Gartner predicts: The digital government of 2030.

Or download the full Gartner report here: Digital Government 2030: Predictive Government Anticipates Citizen Needs With Autonomous Services.