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The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the manufacturing and resources environment is ushering in a new industrial revolution.  While the first three human revolutions took place due to advancements in mechanization, electricity, and IT, we are now at the beginning of a new human revolution—Industry 4.0.

In the presence of IoT and Industry 4.0, business leaders are leveraging new opportunities to modernize their supply chains, drive efficiency across broader geographies, and achieve dramatic operational improvements by converging physical and digital systems.  The integration of physical assets with people, data, and business systems is fueling a digital transformation in manufacturing and serving as the catalyst for digital business.

Microsoft has created a resource to help our customers as they move forward with engagements of manufacturing solutions that include remote monitoring and IoT.  In a new paper titled Remote monitoring IoT design strategies for manufacturing, you will find key design strategies and high-level information to guide your development and delivery of IoT Remote Monitoring solutions that help your organization proactively identify patterns that prevent failures on the plant floor while at the same time reducing energy consumption, maintenance, and downtime.

In addition, the paper describes the growing value of IoT and the benefits of cloud deployments within the manufacturing industry and also presents delivery and design strategies for IoT in your manufacturing solutions.

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