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MSC19_microsoftInclusion_redmond_063CES is most often thought of as a showcase for mind-blowing devices, vehicles, and products that in this age of ever-shortening innovation cycles were mere fantasy just a short time ago. And in that regard, CES 2020 did not disappoint.

For the media & entertainment leader, this year’s CES was likewise a showcase of transformational opportunities across the entire media value chain from cloud-based content creation, to personalized content delivery, to intelligent content monetization.

At the core of these opportunities is 5G, and the expo floor—literally from end to end—featured example after example of how the mobile industry is the backbone for connected smart devices and services that will continue to change how content and experiences are created, delivered, and consumed for years to come.

By and large, the highest priority of the moment for the media executives I connected with at the show is the final link of the value chain: the monetization of content and experiences across multiple channels including mobile, in-home, and travel/hospitality. With the rapid adoption of connected and intelligent devices, the ongoing maturation of mixed reality, the real-time availability of data-driven insights to predict consumer preferences and behavior, and the bandwidth promise of 5G, these industry leaders envision new methods and corresponding business models for audience engagement that are increasingly immersive and personalized.

A few specific things that caught my attention at CES were:

  • Co-branded mobile & entertainment devices from several of the leading music-streaming services, to increase brand engagement and affinity beyond the use of the service itself
  •  An on-site iteration of Warner Media’s Innovation Lab, a future-forward incubator that combines emerging technologies with content from across operating units to create new and innovative consumer experiences and businesses
  • NBCU’s vision for Peacock, their soon-to-launch streaming service that will lean heavily on advertising and analytics to drive deeper audience engagement
  • A noticeable increase in focus on content and experiences optimized for mobile devices, as well as cooperative partnerships between wireless carriers and content creators to accelerate the adoption of 5G

All told I left Las Vegas inspired—and a little tired. But as I’m sure is the case with others who attended CES, I’m extremely excited to be at the epicenter of media and entertainment innovation. What’s more, I’m energized on a daily basis by my work with industry leaders to transform their business and enable new capabilities and services that, like those mind-blowing devices on the expo floor, were unthinkable just a short time ago.

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