Call Center Virtualization – 5 Critical Guidelines Insurance Execs May Miss 

Many insurers are realizing a need for transitioning their call centers to operate under remote work models.  The technological challenges associated with this type of undertaking are compounded by the need to drive those workloads under compressed timelines.   Fortunately, this evolution can be managed quickly and with the equivalent security, agent experience, and customer experience Read more

Maintaining the customer/agent experience under a remote model 

Current events and related government mandates have created sudden and transformative changes for insurance carriers, their agents, and their customers. The resulting transition to remote work environments has disrupted traditional agent-customer interactions.  How can customers and their agents continue to interact effectively, despite these challenges? As we know, many agents have long been conducting remote customer meetings over the phone and by email. However, Read more

Remaining Relevant: Integrating Non-traditional Data into Insurance Insights 

Every day, a typical connected customer interacts with hundreds of touchpoints across brands and industries, each activity or click flowing into an ever-expanding mountain of data. Some of these brands are learning to use that data to understand their customers. And, they’re doing such a good job of delivering custom–tailored experiences, that customers have come to expect that level of service and are turned off by those that don’t Read more

How insurers use data to enhance the customer experience 

Customers want to be catered to. The ability to differentiate the customer experience between touchpoints and provide personalized interactions at each stage is critical for insurers aiming to branch into the digital space. Modern customers are not just contacting insurance providers through their local agent or a single digital touch point—their journey weaves through a series of Read more