Empowering business leaders to make good decisions with data and analytics 

As technology becomes more accessible to non-technicians, business leaders are taking more control over the tools and processes that affect their functional area. Whatever the business outcomes they’re striving for, these leaders can make use of progressive customer-facing applications and good data to create actionable insights that support their needs. In December 2020, Forrester Consulting conducted a Read more

Personalized customer experiences courtesy of the cloud 

Major brands have quickly learned that consumers drive today’s business environment and that yesterday’s efforts to create a customer-centric operating model are out of date. Consumers have also evolved to want more, so product and service personalization has now taken center stage. According to Dassault Systèmes and CITE Research, eighty-three percent of consumers expect products Read more

Reimagining the digital front door for healthcare 

Over the past year, my colleagues and I have seen a steady uptick in healthcare organizations requesting in-depth discussions on how to further develop their digital front door capabilites. One high-interest topic has been establishing a branded conversational bot (chatbot) that can facilitate frictionless experiences across all digital channels and throughout the engagement journey. Helping customers with the next steps in the process is dependent on the completeness of their digital strategy, their goals Read more

Delivering differentiated client experiences in asset and wealth management 

The asset and wealth management industry continues to experience a lot of consolidation with deals such as Morgan Stanley/E*Trade/Eaton Vance, Schwab/TD Ameritrade, and Franklin Templeton/Legg Mason. Scale is becoming an important competitive advantage in this winner-takes-all environment. Leaders in sales and marketing at these firms are pressured from all sides to be more relevant and Read more

How the cloud helps build resilience: clearing up misconceptions about the costs and risks 

Customers who are still running on-premises infrastructure don’t always understand how a cloud strategy can make significant contributions to organizational resilience. In fact, they often come with misconceptions about efficiency, security, and cost, and they conclude that the cloud actually undermines resilience. One might call these myths, but I believe they arise from a lack Read more

Andor Health brings AI and clinical capabilities to Microsoft Teams 

As 2020 slips into our collective rearview mirror, there is little doubt that the COVID‑19 pandemic had a major impact on virtual healthcare adoption by both consumers and healthcare organizations. At the onset of the pandemic, Microsoft healthcare customers quickly used their existing investments in Microsoft Teams to deliver virtual visits (clinician to remote patient) and Read more

Compelling new “realities” impacting healthcare 

The year 2020 and the global COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated technology solutions that make “virtual” the new reality. Most scenarios include using platforms like Teams or Zoom for: “Virtual work” to connect remote workers and customers in collaborative online sessions for business. “Virtual education” to connect students and teachers for distant learning and study groups. Read more

Better together: Technology partnerships open the doors to open banking 

Customers are increasingly approaching banking with a digital-first mindset: they expect to be able to perform a range of financial activities from any device. Digital disruptors in the financial services space are offering these services, creating new competition for banks. Adoption of cloud technology has created a world of possibilities for banks, allowing a widescale Read more

A time to pivot: What comes next for retail  

The past year has accelerated the push toward digital transformation for many industries, maybe none more than retail. From operations to manufacturing supply chain to customer experience, there is no facet of retail that is not facing the imperative to pivot or perish.  Read more

End-user computing: A problem everyone has but nobody wants to own 

You may have recently noticed a number of high-profile articles around governance and risk issues with banks. In talking to my large global enterprise customers in financial services, I am hearing more and more about regulators and internal risk teams requiring mitigation of risks related to data quality, data integrity, and lack of robust controls Read more

Rising to each new health and life sciences challenge 

Who would have thought when I made my 2020 health trends and predictions in January that our world would be upended by COVID-19? In a year marked by the health and economic crisis posed by a global pandemic, we’ve seen countless examples of the U.S. health and life sciences community rising to each new challenge Read more