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lab researcher looking through a microscopeMicrosoft is honored to be acknowledged by leading research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan in its latest white paper, “Empowering Healthcare via Artificial Intelligence.” Based on Frost & Sullivan research, this new authoritative report states: “Microsoft is pioneering a robust and comprehensive approach to the application of AI in healthcare, with a diversified and forwardthinking approach … to meet both the goals of today as well as those of tomorrow.” 

Accelerating digital transformation of care

The white paper provides more evidence of the central role AI is playing throughout the industry to unlock new insights from data, advance discoveries, and improve patient and operational outcomes. It also reflects how quickly AI is proving its worth, noting, “In Frost & Sullivan’s view, the adoption of artificial intelligence in healthcare is going to accelerate the digital transformation of care delivery for all: providers, payors, vendor suppliers, governments, and consumers.” 

In working with customers across the nation, we’re seeing this trend in real-timeespecially in response to COVID-19, where AI is helping deliver critical information, predict patient volumes and bed availability, and assist those on the front lines of research, among other initiativesWe’re pleased that Frost & Sullivan research highlighted our “broad range of infrastructure and point solutions which can support end-user groups across the healthcare market for needs, ranging from machine learning, IoT, data science, robotics, and conversational AI.” The report also suggests the powerful outcomes our solutions offer by stating: “Microsoft’s AI technology is used globally to drive precision medicine workflows, improve operations, aid population health analytics, propel evidence-based clinical research, and expedite drug and treatment discovery.” 

Increasing AI awareness

In addition to supporting customers on their AI journeys, Microsoft is involved in a variety of efforts to increase awareness and understanding of the scope and potential of AI across the industry. Two recent examples include:  

“Undisputed leader”

Microsoft’s John Doyle recently shared that Frost & Sullivan recognized Microsoft as the “undisputed leader” in global AI platforms for the healthcare IT sector on its Frost Radar™ analysis. Out of a field of 200 global industry participants, Frost & Sullivan independently ranked the top 20 companies, acknowledging Microsoft as “the world’s top healthcare AI firm.”  

This honor and acknowledgment in the white paper are especially gratifying in light of Frost & Sullivan’s 60-year history of partnering with clients to identify, prioritize, and execute on new business opportunities. But recognition is not what drives our Microsoft team. It is our focus on delivering better experiences, insights, and care, with AI contributing to many positive outcomes. Our goal is to empower customers to reimagine health so that they can achieve more for all of us.  

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