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How tech has changed three key roles in finance 

Dylan Dias | CEO, Neal Analytics These are exciting times to be in finance, as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and robotics are playing a rapidly increasing role in the field. These technologies enable CFOs to work higher up the value chain, and savvy use of this tech also frees up bandwidth across multiple functions within finance. Three roles – accountant, analyst, and...Read more

Jacky Wright returns to Microsoft as Chief Digital Officer, Microsoft US 

Microsoft’s Jacky Wright rejoins the company as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) after completing her two-year secondment as Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) for HMRC, the British Government tax department, where she led its ambitious digital transformation efforts.  In her prior Microsoft role, Jacky served as Corporate Vice President, Core Services Engineering Platform where she oversaw the digital...Read more

Empowering accessibility in manufacturing with AI 

At this juncture in the early stages of the AI-powered Fourth Industrial Revolution, a lot of attention has been paid to the possibility that millions of workers will be displaced by automation and robots, raising fears of rising unemployment in the years ahead. However, in the manufacturing industry today, the problem is not one of...Read more

Strategic Storytelling: Make heroes happen  

There’s a reason Hollywood keeps making superhero movies. The good ones not only provide 190-minutes of action-packed adrenaline, they take us through the hero’s transformational journey, a quest everyone can relate to, made larger than life. It’s thrilling. A good story inspires us, and we are left rooting for the hero and wanting to hear...Read more

Matt Renner joins Microsoft as President of US Enterprise Commercial Sales. 

Matt Renner, a sales and technology industry veteran of more than 25 years, has joined Microsoft as President of US Enterprise Commercial Sales. US Enterprise Commercial Sales serves the largest US commercial customers by helping them deliver their digital transformation using Microsoft’s full suite of enterprise cloud offerings. Renner was most recently the Executive Vice...Read more