Azure Quantum Credits Program propels quantum innovation and exploration for researchers, educators, and students 

2 min read

Since it was introduced in February, the Azure Quantum Credits program has attracted applicants ranging from enterprise innovators and solution partners to academic researchers and student explorers. It has been exciting to see the diversity of proposals submitted – featuring the use of quantum hardware accessible through Azure Quantum to investigate novel use cases, experiment Read more

Qubit Engineering optimizes wind farm energy production with Azure Quantum 

3 min read

Qubit Engineering is using quantum-inspired capabilities available on the Azure Quantum platform to optimize wind farm layouts and, in doing so, capture more available energy with the same physical wind farm assets.  A constructed wind farm in operation Wind farms have achieved tremendous efficiency gains over the last two decades through hardware innovation. Software innovation, Read more

Explore Azure Quantum’s diverse and growing hardware portfolio for free  

4 min read

Azure Quantum is a platform for innovation. There’s no better place to experiment and unlock innovation today and prepare the quantum solutions of tomorrow. Last week, we shared the exciting news that we’ve demonstrated a significant and foundational milestone towards realizing a topological qubit on the path to a scalable quantum machine. And while we’re in the Read more

Improving financial services anomaly detection with Mphasis and Azure Quantum 

4 min read

Quantum-inspired optimization (QIO) improves and adds scale to traditional anomaly detection, reducing payment card risk in the financial services industry. In 2019, fraudulent activity led to tens of billions of dollars in losses from payment cards alone.¹ Payment card providers worldwide are constantly looking to improve their methods to detect and block fraudsters from exploiting their Read more

NASA’s JPL uses Microsoft’s Azure Quantum to manage communication with space missions 

2 min read

As NASA launches more frequent and complex missions into space, managing communications with the growing number of spacecraft is becoming increasingly challenging. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has turned to Azure Quantum to explore ways to communicate more efficiently with spacecraft exploring our solar system and beyond. JPL communicates with space missions through the Deep Read more

Azure Quantum: Open, flexible, and future-proofed 

2 min read

Quantum computing is evolving quickly. There are many different qubit technologies and development tools vying for your consideration. It can be challenging to know where to get started and how to optimally invest your resources. Some companies offer only one solution—their own, while others offer open ecosystems but leave it to you to change your Read more

Microsoft and KPMG collaborate to build industry optimization solutions using Azure Quantum 

1 min read

Microsoft and KPMG are working together to explore and solve common business problems utilizing quantum-inspired optimization techniques available through Azure Quantum. Optimization problems are found in many industries and are often difficult to solve using traditional methods which can accelerate optimization. Emulating these quantum effects on classical computers has led to the development of quantum-inspired Read more

Azure Quantum’s collaborative development approach highlighted at IEEE QCE21 

2 min read

Microsoft will be showcasing a wide range of expanded Azure Quantum ecosystem capabilities at IEEE Quantum Week 2021. Our keynote plus several workshops, tutorials, and panels will describe how Microsoft’s collaborative development approach is enabling advanced research and exploration of today’s quantum hardware and applications while building a strong foundation for a scaled quantum computing Read more