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Microsoft Azure Quantum Blog


Microsoft and KPMG collaborate to build industry optimization solutions using Azure Quantum 

Microsoft and KPMG are working together to explore and solve common business problems utilizing quantum-inspired optimization techniques available through Azure Quantum. Optimization problems are found in many industries and are often difficult to solve using traditional methods which can accelerate optimization. Emulating these quantum effects on classical computers has led to the development of quantum-inspired...Read more

Unlocking dramatic improvements to capacity management with Azure Quantum 

Organizations globally struggle with maximizing resource utilization. From optimizing supply chain to managing available compute, capacity management can be staggeringly complex. In addressing these challenges, not only have Microsoft customers benefitted from significant speed, accuracy, and other improvements accessible through Azure Quantum quantum-inspired optimization (QIO)—we have as well. This embed requires accepting cookies from the...Read more

The Azure Quantum ecosystem expands to welcome Qiskit and Cirq developer community 

We’re excited to invite Python developers to experience the open Azure Quantum ecosystem with an expanded stack. With new support in Azure Quantum for major quantum Python SDKs, developers can directly submit quantum circuits built with Qiskit and Cirq. You can use familiar tools and leverage your existing development investment to explore quantum hardware in...Read more

Azure Quantum’s collaborative development approach highlighted at IEEE QCE21 

Microsoft will be showcasing a wide range of expanded Azure Quantum ecosystem capabilities at IEEE Quantum Week 2021. Our keynote plus several workshops, tutorials, and panels will describe how Microsoft’s collaborative development approach is enabling advanced research and exploration of today’s quantum hardware and applications while building a strong foundation for a scaled quantum computing...Read more

Announcing Azure Quantum Credits and new development capabilities 

Vibrant ecosystems are a cornerstone of innovation for any emerging technology space. The field of quantum computing is no different. We’re excited to share several new Azure Quantum ecosystem updates aimed at empowering you to deliver impact with your applications, exploration, and research: Azure Quantum Credits to power your development. Direct connection from Quantum Python...Read more

Dive into today’s quantum hardware at Azure Quantum Developer Workshop 3 

Are you a developer or researcher looking for access to today’s quantum hardware and tools?  Please join us at our third Azure Quantum Developer Workshop where we’ll explore and experiment with today’s state-of-the-art quantum hardware using Azure Quantum. Leading experts in the field will help you learn about the expanding Azure Quantum ecosystem, how to...Read more

Ally Financial joins Azure Quantum program to transform customer experiences in the financial industry 

Today, Ally Financial, a leading digital financial services company, shared that it is partnering with Microsoft on Azure Quantum solutions. Ally will utilize Azure Quantum to explore how Microsoft’s quantum capabilities can help deliver impact for their customers. This embed requires accepting cookies from the embed’s site to view the embed. Activate the link to...Read more

Microsoft Quantum research highlights at APS March Meeting 

Since last year’s American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting was cancelled due to the pandemic, I’ve been looking forward to my yearly fill of meeting old friends and former students, and hearing the latest results in areas that I haven’t been following closely. It won’t be quite the same in this year’s digital format, but...Read more

Modernizing conservation planning software for broader global impact 

Building a more environmentally sustainable future requires having a plan. A plan for how human society can optimally minimize its negative environmental impacts while maximizing the value it derives from Earth’s natural systems. It requires conservation planners and policymakers to weigh up ecological, and economic data points against the socio-economic and geo-political reality that they...Read more