How Microsoft and Quantinuum achieved reliable quantum computing 

5 min read

Today, Microsoft is announcing a critical breakthrough that advances the field of quantum computing by improving the logical error rate by 800x when compared to the error rate on corresponding physical qubits, thus creating the most reliable logical qubits to date. Read more

Microsoft and 1910 Genetics partner to turbocharge R&D productivity for the pharmaceutical industry 

6 min read

Unprecedented collaboration will build the most powerful, fully integrated, AI-driven drug discovery and development platform to dramatically improve pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) productivity and bring novel therapeutics to patients faster and more cost-effectively than traditional approaches. Read more

Unlocking a new era for scientific discovery with AI: How Microsoft’s AI screened over 32 million candidates to find a better battery 

8 min read

Announcing the Microsoft Quantum team achieved a major milestone toward that vision, using advanced AI to screen over 32 million candidates to discover and synthesize a new material that holds the potential for better batteries—the first real-life example of many that will be achieved in a new era of scientific discovery driven by AI. Read more

Defining logical qubits: criteria for Resilient Quantum Computation 

5 min read

As an industry, we are all collectively committed to bringing scaled quantum computing to fruition. That’s why in June 2023, we offered how quantum computing must graduate through three implementation levels to achieve utility scale: Level 1 Foundational, Level 2 Resilient, Level 3 Scale. Read more

Quantum networking: A roadmap to a quantum internet 

6 min read

Quantum computing has the potential to tackle some of our most pressing global issues, from climate change to food security. We’re dedicated to building a full-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computer that can help solve these challenges. Read more

Azure Quantum learning resources enable getting ready for a quantum supercomputer  

5 min read

As an industry, we are all collectively committed to bringing scaled quantum computing to fruition. However, it can get hard to separate the signal from the noise. To help, we have offered quantum computing implementation levels to the industry to help frame the roadmap towards achieving this shared goal.   Read more