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Microsoft Quantum

Microsoft Quantum welcomes new collaboration with leading startups

Building and deploying scalable quantum computers will require a community of dedicated partners to advance quantum computing, develop practical applications, and build the quantum workforce of the future. That’s why today—at the Quantum for Business conference—we’re announcing partnerships with some of the world’s leading startup talent in quantum software and algorithm development. We’ve previously shared...

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Exploring the quantum chemistry library with Visual Studio Code

Updated Quantum Development Kit offers new chemistry library and improved developer tools

The latest version of our Quantum Development Kit now is available. It offers a new quantum chemistry library to advance computational chemistry research, an improved developer experience, and new Q# language capabilities....

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Microsoft Quantum Computing Project in Copenhagen, Denmark. June 2018

Presenting the potential of quantum computing at Microsoft Ignite 2018

It has been a year since Microsoft unveiled its vision for building a scalable quantum computer. The company is advancing toward that goal, with seven Microsoft quantum labs around the world actively engaged in engineering a topological quantum computer that scales to meet real-world computing challenges....

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Scalable quantum computing system

Microsoft advances quantum computing vision and helps tackle real-world challenges

This week marks one year since Microsoft announced our bold vision of developing a scalable, full stack quantum computing solution. During that period, we have delivered against our vision and achievement, including expanding our quantum investments across the globe and making our quantum research and technology accessible to a growing community of quantum developers....

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Scientist working in lab on quantum computer

Atom by atom: Fabricating materials for a quantum computer

Topological qubits will be one of the key ingredients in the Microsoft plan to bring a powerful, scalable quantum computing solution to the world. Providing increased resistance to outside interference, topological qubits create a more stable foundation than conventional qubits. This increased stability allows the quantum computer to perform computations that can uncover solutions to...

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Developer at computer

Six questions to ask when getting started with quantum development

If you’re thinking about getting into quantum development, you probably have a few questions. What can you do with it? How different is quantum compared to your current skills? And how steep is the learning curve? It might surprise you to find out that quantum development is easier to learn than you thought. This post...

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