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I had a request on a separate article to provide an example of how to call the FinancialDimensionValidationService.  The code below works on the demo data.  Enjoy! FinancialDimensionValidationServiceClient client = new FinancialDimensionValidationServiceClient(); CallContext context = new CallContext(); context.Company = “ceu”;   LedgerAccountContract lac = new LedgerAccountContract(); lac.parmMainAccount = “110110”;   DimensionAttributeValueContract avc = new DimensionAttributeValueContract();...Read more
I recently wrote some additions to a nice little utility that changes the background color in forms.  For each company you can set the background color to a different color of your liking.  The color serves as a visual reminder of which company you are currently logged into.  Enjoy!   Addendum:  I just added a...Read more
Below is an example of how to create a sales order by calling the SalesOrderService create operation in AX 2012.  The example contains one sales order with 3 lines.  The code sets the financial dimensions on the sales header record and it sets an inventory dimension on the third sales line.  Happy programming!                SalesOrderServiceClient proxy =...Read more
We have had many, many questions around importing data in AX 2012. Until recentlythe best way to do imports has been through the use of services. Services arestill a great way to import data but you have more choices now. Fairly recentlythe Data Migration Framework tool (DMF) became available as a public beta. The DMF...Read more
As an ISV, you will want to sign your models so yourcustomers know who made the models and the models cannot be tampered with. Thesteps for strong naming your model and Authenticode signing it are: Generate a key pair file using Visual Studio’s strongnaming tool. If you have Visual Studio installed go to Start >Programs...Read more
I recently had a case where I needed to dig through a customer’s metadata to find the cause of a metadata error being thrown in their EDTs.  In digging through the EDTs and the fields on tables using those EDTs I realized how easy it is to miss pieces when you are trying to upgrade code. ...Read more
Regardless of the adapter type you choose, services in AX 2012 run as IL code – even if you are using the file adapter.  To debug IL codeyou must use Visual Studio. The steps for debugging a service are: On the AOS, install the AX Application Explorer from the Microsoft Dynamics AX CD by choosing...Read more
Calling the update operation on web services can range from simpleto very complicated depending on the entities/tables you are updating.  If the entity you are calling is not a dateeffective entity, then the service’s update method is easy to call.  You can tell if a table is date effective by going in theAOT to the...Read more
We have had several questions on how to import items/products into AX 2012.  There is a blog the development team created around calling the services needed to import those items.  In the example below we used the same code the development team used and re-wrote it so that it might look more familiar to you.  That is to say,...Read more
In cumulative update 2 (CU2) for AX 2012 we shipped an HcmWorkerImportService which allows you to import full-time employees and vendors.  The code below is an example of how to call the worker service from C#:             HcmWorkerImportServiceClient proxy = new HcmWorkerImportServiceClient();            CallContext context = new CallContext();            context.Company = “ceu”;             AxdHcmWorkerImport worker = new AxdHcmWorkerImport();            AxdEntity_HcmWorker hcmWorkerTable = new...Read more
Creating an xml file for the file adapter to call an AIF service on AX 2012 can be very difficult.  This tool is aimed at helping you create the XML file.  The directions for how you use it are below.  Instructions From the attached zip file copy both the axdTool.exe and axdTool.exe.config files into the same directory. Modify the axdTool.exe.config using Notepad, Visual...Read more