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Dynamics 365 breathes composability into enterprise resource planning modernization 

Retail executives have long understood the critical role that supply chain management plays in their organization’s ability to meet customer demand. Yet, as central as the supply chain is to success in most companies, customers rarely consider it when placing an order. This status quo shifted dramatically during the pandemic as high-profile disruptions and global

The evolution of retail store into an experience center 

With more and more customers looking to digital channels for product information, feedback, and insights, the role of the store is changing from a place that simply houses and transacts products to another integral step in building and differentiating customer experience. While this transformation has been taking place these past several years, the recent impact

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables the modern and intelligent store 

As the retail industry rebounds from the unparalleled disruptions to store operations over the last year, the store’s role in merchant strategy is evolving and being reimagined. For retailers to thrive in ever more competitive marketplaces, they must embrace technology solutions that enable a modern and intelligent store. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce stands ready with

Deliver personalized digital customer engagement with Dynamics 365 

Consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to digital platforms for relevant product and service information, making it critical for companies to effectively meet and exceed customer expectations through digital services and technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is helping organizations meet this challenge by connecting and unifying commerce and marketing activities. By bringing together solutions such as

Exceed customer expectations with seamless and unified commerce experiences 

Today’s consumers want the flexibility to buy and fulfill where, when, and how they choose. As retailers have expanded on purchasing options for customers—like buy online pick up in-store—they have quickly gone from value adds or differentiators, to baseline customer expectations. For many retailers, enabling omnichannel experiences is not only a means to grow; it

5 trends transforming B2B buying and e-commerce 

Many of the forces driving rapid change in B2C commerce are now propelling transformation in the B2B space. Buyers of all types demand an easy, convenient online shopping experience, a requirement that has been accelerated by the pandemic and as Millennials take the decision-making reins. Over time, the demand for an omnichannel, user-centric e-commerce experience

Building customer relationships through relevant and unified personal experiences 

Retail used to look different. It was local; it was a relationship. But new technology brought change. Trains opened the door for the Sears catalog, offering a wide array of products to distant customers. Henry Ford’s automobile led to suburbanization, malls, and department stores, changing the face of retail. And now, enabled by digital technology
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Microsoft at NRF: the changing landscape of retail 

With NRF Chapter 1 starting this week, many retailers are looking to 2021 with one prominent thought: what’s next? Microsoft Dynamics 365 will again play a prominent role in Retail’s Big Show with new announcements and showcasing customer agility and innovation amidst a very disrupted market. It’s clear that 2020 was a year where the

How consumer goods organizations are adapting by going D2C 

From supply chain capacity constraints to distribution channel disruptions, consumer goods organizations have had to innovate to overcome obstacles and find new ways to meet customer demands. Changes in motion Even before the pandemic struck, significant changes were underway, reshaping retail and the consumer goods industry. Over the last decade, a rise in digital connectivity